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Results of vagueness 2017 of the barometer of diversity

Publication date: Thursday, January 4, 2018

Since 2009, the Council makes realize, each year, a barometer intended to on television evaluate the perception of the diversity of the French company according to the criteria of the sex, the origin, the socioprofessional categories, the handicap and the age by also taking into account qualitative criteria (positive role, negative or neutral of the people intervening with the screen).

For the first time, the unstable situation is indexed.

Principal reports established within the framework of the study:

  • an improvement of the representation of the people seen like “not-white” on television; 
  • people perceived like “not-white” more represented in the fictions than in the other programs (information, magazines and documentaries); 
  • a small proportion of characters perceived like “not-white” in roles of hero; 
  • an over-representation of the people seen like “not-white” in roles with negative connotation; 
  • an over-representation of the higher social and economic categories; 
  • non-existent people in unstable situation on television; 
  • a share of people perceived like “not-white” more important in the marginal, illegal activities or in unstable situation;  
  • a persistent underrepresentation of young people and older; 
  • a very low level always of the representation of the handicap to the antenna.