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The annual report 2017 of the CSA

Publication date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018


This document, given each year to the Parliament and the Government before June 1st , constitutes a means of evaluation of the action of the CSA and its legal environment. 

It is the object of a public presentation before the charged commissions of the cultural affairs of the National Assembly and the Senate. 

It more largely constitutes a useful source of information as well for the public as the professionals of audio-visual (editors, distributors, producers, journalists or authors) by giving an overall picture of the many missions of the CSA.

• Responsibility for the audio-visual mediums with regard to the public

• Economic development of the audio-visual sector

• Support and promotion of the audiovisual production

• Measurement of the economic impact of the decisions of radio authorization and television

• Audio-visual public, follow-up and tracks for the future

• European cooperation and international

• Institutional relations and communication

• Organization and operation

• Appendices 

You can download it the Annual report 2017 in framed “the Resources”.