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Cyprus: 15th plenary assembly of the Network of the Mediterranean institutions of regulation

Publication date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The Network of the Mediterranean authorities of regulation (RIRM) celebrated its 15th birthday with Limassol (Cyprus), October 24th and 25th, 2013.

New displacement for Emmanuel Gabla, member of the Council and president of the working group “Audio-visual outside and international cooperation”: the Network of the Mediterranean institutions of regulation (RIRM) held its 15th plenary assembly in Limassol (Cyprus), the last October 24th and 25th, with the invitation of the Cypriot regulatory authority. Emmanuel Gabla was accompanied by Dorothée Fournier, responsible for mission to the direction of the European and international business of the CSA.

Three sessions occupied the day of October 24th. At the time of the first, devoted instead of public utility, Emmanuel Gabla introduced the bill on the independence of the audio-visual public and the relations between the CSA and the groups France Televisions, Radio France and France Media World. The second session related to the mission of the regulators in favour of cultural diversity, and third place gave to the examination of the assessment of the activities of the Network and of its commitments such as they are stated in its declaration of 2008. The RIRM will continue its action like spaces discussion on the policies of regulation and like support for the bilateral cooperation in the Mediterranean region centers.

Indicators on the stereotypes of kinds

At the time of the second day, the regulatory authorities Morrocan woman and Andalusian reported of the working group on the stereotypes of kinds created in 2012. Work of the working group “Women's rights” of the CSA was mentioned. A workshop will come out to set up indicators of kind in the year to come, on the initiative of the Catalan regulatory authority.
A new Spanish authority, the National Commission of the markets and competition, took the continuation of the Commission of the markets and telecommunications. In addition, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority integrated the Network, which counts from now on 24 members, representing 21 States.

Mr. Andreas Pétridès, president of Cyprus Cypriot Authority Radiotelevision, and Mr. Hamoud Ould Me Hamed, president of the High ranking authority of the press and audio-visual of Mauritania, will take the presidency and the vice-presidency of the Network the next year. The plenary assembly of the presidents will meet in Nouakchott with the autumn. The new High ranking authority independent of the audio-visual communication (HAICA) of Tunisian would have, on this occasion, to join the Network.

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