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Official statement of the Superior council of audio-visual for the death of Dominique Baudis

Official statement of the Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dominique Baudis

Dominique Baudis, president of the CSA of 2001 to 2007

Olivier Schrameck, president of the Superior council of the audio-visual one, and the members of the Council, like his/her collaborators, learned with a very great unhappiness disappearance from Dominique Baudis.

They greet with emotion the memory of a large journalist whose human qualities immediately marked those which had the chance to mix with it.

During the six years of its presidency at the CSA, it constantly maintained the reports of very great quality with the professionals of the audio-visual one. It knew to carry with conviction and determination the major changes of the sector, in particular the launching of digital terrestrial television. It was particularly implied in the fight against discriminations and the protection of the young public.

Convinced European, deeply humanistic, it developed the values of diversity and the opening with the cultures of the world in charge of the Institute of the Arab world.

It was invested with force for the defense of the fundamental values of our company and the Republic in its eminent function of Defender of the Rights.

The Superior council of audio-visual, his members, his collaborators express their moved opinions and transmit their sharp condolences to his Ysabel wife and to the whole of his family.


Dominique Baudis, in his office at the CSA


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