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Europe and international

02-Europe and international

The action external of the Council comprises two principal shutters: European cooperation and international cooperation.

European cooperation

The CSA takes part in work of the European Platform of the audio-visual regulators (EPRA), which joins together about fifty authorities of regulation of audio-visual European. The European Commission, the Council of Europe, the European Observatory of audio-visual and the Office of the Representative of the OSCE for the freedom of the media are permanent observers within the platform.

The Council also follows with attention the evolution of the regulation of the European Union likely to affect the audio-visual sector.

It contributes to the definition of the French position in the European negotiations relative to audio-visual and makes its contribution to consultations held by the European Commission.

The Council takes part in the implementation of the directive Services of audio-visual mediums (SMA). He cooperates closely with his counterparts of the European Union, takes part in the working group of the audio-visual regulators and is present, at the sides of the French authorities, the meetings of the committee of contact of directive SMA.

Within the framework of the responsibilities defined by the directive, it takes care that the non-European chains falling within the competence of France conform to the applicable duty. It is in this respect particularly vigilant with the respect of the rights of the human person and the prohibition of the incentive to hatred and violence.

In 2013, the Council took an initiative aiming to the creation of a network European of regulators, intended to support the search for convergences between the national regulatory authorities audio-visual of the Member States of the European Union and to contribute to the reflection of the Commission. The Council thus favorably accommodated the dependent proposal of the European Commission to formalize the working group of the regulatory authorities of audio-visual existing. The decision of the Commission instituting the Group of the European regulators of services of audio-visual mediums (European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services - ERGA) was adopted on February 3rd, 2014.  

International cooperation

The Council maintains the bilateral relations followed with its counterparts. They are in particular formalized within the framework of seven cooperation agreements and a twinning. Tripartite meetings arranged twice a year are the place of exchanges privileged with British Ofcom and the German DLM.

It accommodates each year more than fourty foreign delegations which wish to better know her role and her operation.

It sends experts abroad to share his experiment and to promote a model of independent and strong audio-visual regulation. It joins cooperation actions institutional led by the French authorities, the European Union or the Council of Europe.

It enriches its reflection by the lesson which it reports of the missions of study that it carries out regularly.

On the multilateral level, the Council is very implied in the life of the two networks of which he is member: the Network of the Mediterranean authorities of regulation (RIRM) and the French-speaking Network of the regulators of media (REFRAM).

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