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Europe and international

Bilateral relations

The Council maintains the bilateral relations followed with many its counterparts.

It in particular tied close links with the British OFCOM and the German DLM which it meets since 1996 twice a year at the time of meetings between “tripartite” services known as. These meetings are the occasion to compare in a concrete way the approaches of the regulation like exchanging on the European audio-visual problems.

The Council in addition concluded from the cooperation agreements with the regulators Australian, Canadian, Belgian, Polish, Catalan, Korean and Senegalese. It is engaged in a European twinning with the Jordanian regulatory authority.


The Council accommodates each year between forty and fifty delegations of the whole world which wish to better know her role and her operation. A program of targeted meetings is proposed according to the composition and of waitings of each delegation.


The Council sends experts near the authorities which make the request of it to share its experiment and to promote the French model of audio-visual regulation. It joins cooperation actions institutional led by the French authorities, the European Union or the Council of Europe.

It enriches its reflection by the lesson which it reports of the missions of study, general or sets of themes, that it carries out regularly abroad.

Consult the sites of the regulatory authorities audio-visual of the other countries (nonexhaustive list).

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