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The CSA lab

The CSA lab

Launched on June 14th, 2016, the CSA lab brings together eight experts of digital and the audio-visual one. Lawyers, sociologists, researchers, members of public institutions, specialists in telecommunications and the economic regulation… their diversity comes to enrich research already committed by the CSA on these subjects.

The increasingly narrow interlacing of audio-visual and the digital tiny room indeed the border enters both. The changes which result from this create new uses which it is advisable to apprehend.

' think tank ' paying to the CSA, the lab publishes opinions and recommendations on any question relating to the impact of digital about the audio-visual sector. It to function in narrow partnership with the Departments of the CSA, more particularly with the Directorate of the studies, the economic affairs and the futurology.

It meets four times a year and submits to the College of the CSA two reports a year.

Members of Lab

The advisors Nathalie Sonnac and Nicolas Curien chair the CSA lab:

Nathalie Sonnac _CSA

Nathalie Sonnac, member of the CSA in charge of “the Economy of audio-visual and European business”

Doctor ès economy, Nathalie Sonnac chaired of 2009 to 2015 the department of Information and Communication of Paris 2 and was responsible for Master degree 2 professional “Media & Public”. Specialist in the economy of the media, the culture and digital, it is the auteure many works and scientific articles in this field. It analyzes in particular the questions of competition and regulation at the digital age, of interaction of markets, new models of business, monetization of the digital contents. It is member of the CSA since January 5th, 2015.


Nicolas Curien CSA

Nicolas Curien, member of the CSA, in charge of the “digital audio-visual Services, distribution, accessibility and futurology”

Engineer of the body of the Mines, Nicolas Curien is member of the CSA since 2015 and highly skilled Professor of the national Academy of arts and trades, where it occupied the pulpit “Economy and policy of telecommunications” of 1992 to 2011. He sat at the College of the Regulatory authority of the electronic communications and the stations of 2005 to 2011. Specialist in the digital economy, it taught at the Polytechnic school of 1985 to 2007 and he is founder member of the Academy of technologies.

It are surrounded by personalities to the expert testimony recognized as regards audio-visual, of digital, economy and right:


Yann Bonnet, general secretary of the National council of the digital one

Yann Bonnet, general secretary of the National council of the digital one

General secretary of the National council of digital, Yann Bonnet is interested in particular in the initiatives of open government and the innovation in all his forms. Responsible for the national dialogue on the digital one of 2014, it worked out the reports on the taxation at the time of digital (2013) and controlled the digital shutter of the negotiations of the transatlantic partnership of trade and investment (TTIP - 2014), the fight against terrorism and the government bill on the information (2014/2015).

Consult the site of the National council of the digital one


Olivier Henrard CSA

Olivier Henrard,member of the Council of State

Former student of the ENA, Olivier Henrard is member of the Council of State since 2003. He is there currently public rapporteur. Collaborator of two Ministers for the Culture and the Communication (to advise in charge of culture industries then director-assistant of cabinet), it also was to advise Culture and Communication in the Elysium, before becoming General secretary of group SFR. He was the architect of the laws Hadopi 1 and 2. He was legal advisor of public agencies as the Agency of the immaterial patrimony of the State and the national geographical Institute.


Pascale Idoux CSA

Pascale Idoux, public law professor at the University of Montpellier

Incorporated in public law, Pascale Idoux is member of the Academic institute of France since 2013. Specialized in public law of the economy and the public action and in right of the electronic communications, it is consulting since May 2010 Lysias-Partners company. Its work concerns inter alia the European economic government, the methods of public action and the regulation of the economy, the independent administrative authorities. It co-led a magister of public law of the business. 


Winston Maxwell CSA

Winston Maxwell, lawyer of the bar of Paris and New York, associated with the cabinet Hogan Lovells

Specialist recognized in the sector in Technologies, Media and Telecommunications (TMT), Winston Maxwell intervenes regularly on related questions with the Internet, the media, the cinema and the data protection personal data. It Co-chairs the Committee of New Mediae and the Information Technology of the Chamber of commerce Franco-American. In June 2014, it was appointed expert within the digital commission of the National Assembly. He is the author of many publications on the regulation of the electronic communications in Europe. Consult the site of the cabinet Hogan lovells


Francesca Musiani CSA

Francesca Musiani, responsible for research CNRS at the Institute of sciences of communication (ISCC - CNRS/Paris-Sorbonne/UPMC) and enquiring associated/in charge of teaching with ParisTech Mines

Doctor of socio-economy of the innovation, enquiring associated with the Center of sociology of the innovation of MINES ParisTech-PSL, Francesca Musiani was Member of the Commission “rights and freedoms with the age of digital” of the National Assembly (2014-2015). Its research tasks relate to the governance of the Internet under an interdisciplinary angle. It is coordinator of the pole Modeling of the temporal interactions (MIT) and member of the poles Trajectories of digital and Governance of the information and the commun runs of the ISC. Consult the site of the ISCC

Marc Tessier CSA

Marc Tessier, president of the Forum of the images and the SEVAD, advisor of President de Netgem    

Polytechnicien and graduate of the ENA, it integrates the Havas agency in 1982 and remains there until 1987, Marc Tessier takes part in the creation of Canal+ of which he becomes the chief executive officer in 1984. It directs then International Canal+ (1990-1995) then the CNC (1995-1999). From 1999 to 2005, it chairs France Televisions. It integrates then Netgem Media Services, then Vidéofutur Entertainment Group. It is in charge of a report on the “ Press with the challenge with digital ” (2007), then of a mission of reflection on the terrestrial digital radio (2009) and connected television (2011). He is member of the National council of the Digital one.


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