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Guide of the digital channels 2016

Publication date: Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Guide digital channels 2016

The higher Council of audio-visual (CSA), the Directorate-General of the media and cultural industries (DGMIC) of the ministry for the Culture and the Communication, the national Center of the cinema and the animated image (CNC), the Association of the officially agreed chains editors of services (A.C.C.e.S.) and the national Trade union of televised publicity (SNPTV) joined once again to publish the quatorzième edition of the Guide of the digital chains. Making of this guide was coordinated by the agency Clair de Lune. 

This guide, work tools of the professionals of the media, offers a complete description of the universe of the French chains authorized for a free or paying hertzian diffusion on the DVB or officially agreed by SCUMS. It thus makes it possible to measure the great wealth of the offer of digital channels in France as well as the diversity of the distribution networks. 



You can also download this guide below.