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The CSA obtains a laboratory of ideas on the audio-visual one and the digital one: the CSA lab

Official statement of the Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Photo CSA.

Launching of the CSA lab, on June 14th, 2016 at the CSA.

Olivier Schrameck, president of the higher Council of audio-visual, launched this day the CSA lab, committee of prospective reflection coprésidé by Nathalie Sonnac and Nicolas Curien, members of the Council. Seven experts compose at their sides this think tank on the audio-visual one and the digital one: Maya Bacache-Beauvallet, Yann Bonnet, Olivier Henrard, Pascale Idoux, Winston Maxwell, Francesca Musiani and Marc Tessier.

The CSA lab constitutes a “ authority of reflection allowing to examine the transitions generated by the digital transformation in the sector from audio-visual ”, as defined it Nicolas Curien, chairman of the working party “digital audio-visual Services, distribution, accessibility and futurology” at the time of the press conference of launching. The idea is to accompany the CSA in an environment in perpetual evolution where the current tools of regulation must be evaluated and adapted.

It appears today “ necessary to think of the need for new measuring instruments, to understand the place of the new actors in the chain of value and to give them a role in the circulation of works ”, continued Nathalie Sonnac, president of the working group “Economy of audio-visual and business European”.

Between the regulation of the Eighties which gave body to the texts which currently govern the CSA and that we have to imagine in the digital world of today and tomorrow, there is a conceptual evolution to appreciate and implement: it is there the key of the audio-visual communication of tomorrow “, Olivier Schrameck concluded.



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