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Presentation of the Council

Presentation of the Council

Created by the law of January 17th, 1989, the higher Council of audio-visual (CSA) has the role of guaranteeing the freedom of audio-visual communication in France. It succeeded the High ranking authority of the audio-visual communication (1982-1986) and the National Commission of the communication and freedoms (1986-1989). The law of September 30th, 1986 (see below), modified with many recoveries, entrusts broad responsibilities to him, among which: the protection of the minors, the respect of the pluralist expression of the trends of public opinion, the organization of the electoral campaigns to the radio and on television, the rigour in the information processing, the attribution of the frequencies to the operators, the respect of the human dignity, consumer protection. Moreover, the Council is charged “to take care of the defense and the illustration of the language and the culture Frenchwomen” on the antennas. More recently, it received new missions: to return the programs of television accessible to the people suffering from an auditive or visual handicap; to take care of the representation of the diversity of our company in the media; to contribute to the actions in favour of the protection of health, etc


Consult the law of the modified September 30th, 1986, relating to the freedom of communication

Consult booklet 2016 of presentation of the CSA

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Key dates

  • January 23rd, 2013 - Nomination of Olivier Schrameck to the presidency of the CSA

  • January 24th, 2007 - Nomination of Michel Boyon to the presidency of the CSA

  • January 17th, 2001 - Nomination of Dominique Baudis to the presidency of the CSA

  • January 23rd, 1995 - Nomination of Hervé Bourges to the presidency of the CSA

  • February 13th, 1989 - Installation of the CSA, which Jacques Boutet chairs, by the President of the Republic