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Presentation of the Council

Diversified missions

Diversified missions

A master word: regulation

Presentation of the council (SID)

Since 1986, France lives under the principle of the freedom of communication. The audio-visual one became emancipated State. At the sides of public groups of firmly established radio and television, private media quickly developed. The counterpart of this freedom is the institution of a function of regulation, charged to accompany this movement and to prevent the possible drifts of them.

In the whole world, one attended during two last decades the birth of bodies of regulation, of which the composition, competences and the powers vary from one country to another, but whose object is always to frame the creation and the contents of the audio-visual services, to take care of the respect of the fundamental values, to protect public the most sensitive, and to control the access of the operators to the market according to principles “of general interest” and “pluralism of the audio-visual offer” which are added to the traditional economic criteria.

An authority with the crossing of the challenges

The Council is today very different from the first regulatory authority created in 1982. The regulation entered over-sixties where, after at the origin having aimed of the ends primarily related to the respect of political pluralism, then pursued social objectives and cultural which corresponded to the spirit of the reform of 1986, it also takes from now on a technological and economic character. These three successive approaches at all replaced one the other. They added additional requirements, new objectives compared to those which existed previously.

The Council assumes the missions which are entrusted to him by the law with many outstanding achievements, in particular for the general public: installation of a descriptive youth, organization of information campaigns bound for the parents, creation, in 2007, of an observatory of diversity.

The Council organized since 2002 the launching of digital terrestrial television (DVB). 97% of the inhabitants can thus receive an important offer and of quality, made up of 27 free national chains, and 5 paying national chains, to which is added about forty local televisions. New services develop in answer to waitings of the televiewers, such as the television of correction, however that the high definition has to spread in the next years.

Thanks to the work of the engineering services of the Council, the number of the frequencies assigned to the radio increased of almost 25%. Our country counts today nearly 900 operators of radio.

Since 2004, the regulation exerted by the Council extends to televisions and the radios exclusively diffused on the Internet. The law of March 5th, 2009 entrusts to the Council the mission of controlling the services of audio-visual mediums to request (SMAD), mainly video on demand and television of correction. The Council also studies with the professionals the consequences of the development of the hybrid television sets ready to receive at the same time classical television and services Internet, in order to better determine of them the possibilities in terms of additional services, and the challenges, in particular as regards regulation.

The CSA, only French authority of regulation of contents bound for the public, thus play a central part to make digital universe a universe of confidence.


Consult also the site “the Keys of audio-visual” created by the CSA to render comprehensible and to make decipher the audio-visual media and their practices

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Key dates

  • January 23rd, 2013 - Nomination of Olivier Schrameck to the presidency of the CSA

  • January 24th, 2007 - Nomination of Michel Boyon to the presidency of the CSA

  • January 17th, 2001 - Nomination of Dominique Baudis to the presidency of the CSA

  • January 23rd, 1995 - Nomination of Hervé Bourges to the presidency of the CSA

  • February 13th, 1989 - Installation of the CSA, which Jacques Boutet chairs, by the President of the Republic