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Presentation of the Council

Nathalie Sonnac

Photograph Romuald Meigneux.

Advisor designated by the President of the National Assembly, member until January 2021

Doctor ès economy, Nathalie Sonnac chaired of 2009 to 2015 the department of Information and Communication of Paris 2 and was responsible for Master degree 2 professional “Media & Public”. Specialist in the economy of the media, the culture and digital, it is the auteure many works and scientific articles in this field. It analyzes in particular the questions of competition and regulation at the digital age, of interaction of markets, new models of business, monetization of the digital contents. It is member of the CSA since January 5th, 2015.

Detailed biography

  • Holder of an economic science DEA (1992): “Economy of the services, industry, the culture and the communication”, Pantheon-Sorbonne University
  • Science doctor economic (1996): “The Press magazine in France, economic test of analysis”, Pantheon-Sorbonne University
  • University lecturer at the French Institute of press, university the Pantheon-Assas (2000 – 2008)
  • Responsible Master degree 2 professional “Media and public”, at the French Institute of press, University the Pantheon-Assas (2009 – 2013)
  • Expert-pilot of Lab Economy of digital creation to the High ranking authority for the diffusion of works and the protection of the Internet laws – Hadopi (2010 - 2012)
  • Professor of the Universities, Pantheon-Assas University (since 2008)
  • Member of the National council of digital (2013 -2015)
  • President of the department Information and communication of the French Institute of press and the Council of UFR, university the Pantheon-Assas (2009 - 2015)
  • Director of the pulpit of teaching and research “Audio-visual and digital”, university the Pantheon-Assas (2014)
  • Member of the doctoral School 4555, Economic scenes and of management, Information sciences and the communication, university the Pantheon-Assas (2010 - 2015)
  • Member of the interdisciplinary research and analysis Center on the study of the media, French Institute of press, Pantheon-Assas university (since 2000)
  • Attached of research to the Laboratory of industrial economy (since 2000)
  • Member of the Superior council of audio-visual since January 2015.

Its the most recent works and articles

  • The French Press. With the challenge of digital (with Pierre Albert). French Documentation, Paris, May 2014
  • The Industry of the media at the digital age (with Jean Gabszewicz). Collection Reference mark, the Discovery, 2013
  • Economy of the press at the digital age (with Patrick Le Floch). Collection Reference mark, the Discovery, 2013
  • Neutrality of the platforms. To meet the conditions of an open and bearable environment. Report of the National council of digital given to the Minister of Economy and the minister delegated to digital, on June 13th, 2014.
  • Netflix, demolition contracter of the cultural exception? , INAGlobal, June 2014.
  • Ecosystem of the media. Socio-economic challenges of an interaction between two markets. Review of the literature. Communication, 32 (2), 2014.

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Key dates

  • January 23rd, 2013 - Nomination of Olivier Schrameck to the presidency of the CSA

  • January 24th, 2007 - Nomination of Michel Boyon to the presidency of the CSA

  • January 17th, 2001 - Nomination of Dominique Baudis to the presidency of the CSA

  • January 23rd, 1995 - Nomination of Hervé Bourges to the presidency of the CSA

  • February 13th, 1989 - Installation of the CSA, which Jacques Boutet chairs, by the President of the Republic