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Interactive services

I receive television by Internet. Am I constrained to pay the royalty if I receive only television by this means?

Under article 1,605 of the General Tax Code, the contribution to the audio-visual public (new name of the royalty) is due by all the taxable natural people to the tax of dwelling under an affected room furnished with the dwelling, on condition that holding at January 1st of the current year a receiving device of television or a comparable device allowing the reception of television for the privative use of the hearth.

You must thus discharge to you payment of this contribution to the audio-visual public.

What to make when one discovers illegal contents or who can be prejudicial on a website?

The CSA has competences on the programs of television or radio operator diffused by Internet, but not on Internet sites themselves. There does not exist, at present, of authority which effectively controls the activity of this world network.
Nevertheless, in its objective of fight against criminality related to communication and information technologies, the Government set up the site, which enables youto announce to the competent jurisdictions a Web page which would contain illicit data. It is also possible for you to contact by e-mail Central office of fight against the cybercriminality of the central management of the national police force, the OCLCTIC.
Moreover, when you discover illegal contents or which seem to you prejudicial, you can carry felt sorry for while addressing you directly to the police station or the gendarmerie nearest to on your premise.
You can to also address you to the association of the access providers and of services Internet (AFA), whose site Not of contact counts the reactions of the Net surfers and indicates the procedures to be followed to you to deposit a complaint.
Lastly, since the law for confidence in the digital economy of June 21st, 2004, the access providers and the shelterers must set up an easily accessible and visible device allowing any person to bring to their attention the infringements of apology for the crimes against humanity, of incentive to the racial hate as well as child pornography, under penalty of penal sanctions.

Which is the procedure to be followed to create a television or a radio on Internet?

Since the promulgation of the law of July 9th, 2004, the stations of radio and the chains of television which are created to be diffused on Internet or ADSL, in particular, are the subject, according to their budget, of a convention signed with the CSA or of a declaration at the CSA, according to a definite procedure.

The services of radio and television whose annual budget is respectively higher than 75,000 € and 150,000 € must sign a convention with the CSA. Those whose budget is respectively lower than these two amounts are the object of a simple declaration near the Council.


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