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The qualification in European work

Under which conditions a audio-visual work coproduced under the aegis of a bilateral agreement of coproduction between France and a State non-member of the European Union can it be regarded as a European work?

The qualification of European work allotted by the National centre of cinematography and the image animated (CNC) within the framework of a bilateral agreement governing the benefit of a financial aid de facto does not carry the qualification of European work within the meaning of the directive 2010/13/UE Services of audio-visual mediums.

To profit from the qualification of European work, work must respect the criteria defined by this directive, as transposed in French right to article 6 of the decree n° 90-66 of January 17th, 1990.

Thus, to look at a coproduction being the object of a bilateral agreement like a European work, the Council makes application of the article 6-III of this decree which lays out that “finally constitute of cinematographic works or audio-visual European works which are produced within the framework of bilateral agreements of coproduction concluded between European Community Member States and Non-member states when works are financed mainly by the contributions of co-producers established in Member States, in the condition that the coproduction is not controlled by one or more producers established apart from these States”.