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The respect of the French language

How the CSA can let pass so much from titles of emission in English, including on the public chains?

The case of the titles of emission concerns the legal provisions relating to the brands. The brands can be deposited, recorded or used in France without translation. However, the public people and the individuals in charge of a mission of the public service cannot employ brands made up of a foreign term since there exists a French term are equivalent approved within the framework of the regulations relating to enrichment of the French language (article 14 law of August 4th, 1994). These provisions address in particular under emissions which were the object of a deposit as brand.

Thus the public companies of television or radio, at the same time subjected to the legislation on the limited companies and invested of a mission of the public service pursuant to article 43-11 of the law of September 30th, 1986, cannot allot to their emissions a title made up of foreign terms. Three exemptions however are envisaged by the law:

  • titles of emissions whose these companies acquired the rights of diffusion and from which the design escapes to them;
  • titles made up of a foreign term of which there does not exist any French equivalent;
  • the titles which were deposited as brand before August 7th, 1994.

How is it made that the chains can diffuse advertisements in foreign languages?

The first subparagraph of article 20-1 of the law of the modified September 30th, 1986 relating to the freedom of communication, in which the law of August 4th, 1994 relating to the use of the French language was partially integrated, provides that “ the employment of French is obligatory in the whole of the emissions and the advertisements of the organizations and departments of communication audio-visual (…) ”.

However, of the mentions in foreign language can be used in the advertisements provided that their translation in French is “ also readable, audible or understandable that the presentation in foreign language ”, in accordance with the fourth subparagraph of the above mentioned article. The Council takes care of the good application of these provisions.

Can the CSA do something against the use of the Anglicisms to television and the radio?

In the actual position of the French right, an official legal terminology cannot be imposed on the television services and radio, which they public or are deprived, and nothing prohibits the recourse in the audiovisual programmes, as within the advertising screens, in the foreign terms or expressions entered the language running (airbag, live…), when well even those would have a French equivalent.

As regards the frequent use of Anglicisms, the Constitutional council authorizes the free use of foreign words. He declared in a decision of July 29th, 1994 that “[the freedom of communication and expression] the right for each one implies to choose the terms considered by him best appropriate to the expression of its thought; […] the French language evolves, like any living language, while integrating in the usual vocabulary of the terms of various sources, which they are expressions resulting from regional languages, terms known as popular or foreign words “.