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The higher Council of audio-visual (CSA) draws the attention of the Net surfers to the fact that the documents presented on this site are it with simple informative title and do not engage the CSA. Only indeed the texts adopted in plenary assembly, in their version published in the Journal officiel de la République française, engage the CSA juridically.

The whole of the documents put online on this site can be used subject to the respect of the provisions of the French code of the intellectual property which apply to it. The reproduction of information available on this site should not be presented like engaging the Council and cannot suggest, in some manner that it is, that the CSA guarantees exactitude or reliability of it.

Reproduction on electronic medium
The reproduction of whole or part of the contents of this site on an electronic medium is authorized subject to the fast agreement of the CSA, the addition of the source and the mention © CSA - booked Rights. Information used can the being at personal, associative or professional ends, including commercial, in the condition which they are not deteriorated, that them direction is not denatured, and that the date of their last upgrade is mentioned. This authorization does not apply to the websites diffusing of information in matter polemical, pornographic, xenophobe or being able, in a broader measurement, to attack the sensitivity of greatest number.

Reproduction on paper medium
Except for the logo and iconography, the reproduction of the pages of this site on a paper medium is authorized, subject to the respect of the following conditions:
- exemption from payment of the diffusion;
- respect of the integrity of the reproduced documents;
- quotation of the site like source;
- mention “© CSA - booked rights”.

The establishment of hyperlinks is authorized, on condition that mentioning their source.

Despite everything the care taken to the realization of this site, the services of the Council do not guarantee the stability of the bonds making it possible to activate the documents presented.

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