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FM tropics: the mission of conciliation is completed

Official statement of the Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Superior council of audio-visual was informed of dissensions within the Parisian radio FM Tropics. While pointing out that the Council could not, under the terms of the law, to intervene in the resolution of conflicts relating to the organization and the internal management of the company, it indicated, in order to alleviate the conflict between shareholders of the company Tropics FM and concerned of the development of this radio and its contribution to the expression of the ultramarine culture, the availability of the territorial Committee of audio-visual (CTA) of Paris to carry out a conciliation.

Its principle having been accepted by the two parts with the agreement of the college, those, accompanied by their lawyers, were received separately, by Mr. André Schilte, President of the CTA of Paris, and Mr. Patrice Gélinet, member of the Council. One second mediation session was arranged by the CTA of Paris on June 9th, 2015.

These meetings carried out under the aegis of CTA in regular connection with the Gélinet advisor made it possible to clearly identify the positions of each part and to set up the restart conditions of the dialogue between associates. 

The conciliation made it possible to bring the point of view closer to the parts and a negotiation relating to a change of control of the company is committed on concrete bases. If an agreement were reached, it should collect the approval of the CSA in accordance with the law of September 30th, 1986. The mission of conciliation carried out under the aegis of CTA, which will follow with attention the evolution of the situation, is completed.


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