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The RDS on the FM radios

Subcarrier RDS

RDS on the FM radios

The “radio Dated System”, or RDS, is a system of transmission for numerical data diffused in partnership with the analog signal of a FM station. The FM signal of a service of radio can be made up of three components to which the frequencies are very close to the FM frequency selected by the listener starting from his radio (frequencies ranging between 87.5 and 108 MHz). These three components are:

  • the mono audio component, sometimes the only component which a FM station is able to treat when the acceptance requirements are bad;
  • the stereo audio component, which brings a spatialization of the sound (left-right-hand side) when it is used;
  • component RDS, so called subcarrier RDS.

Subcarrier RDS constitutes a digital signal independent of the mono analog signals and possibly stereophony of a service of radio operator all while being indissociable there. Thus, a station authorized by the Council can make the request of the use of a subcarrier and diffuse data RDS without that not disturbing the sound of its programs. However, only a FM station, or its operator of diffusion, can use a subcarrier RDS associated with the frequency with the station, taking into account the spectral proximity between a subcarrier RDS and the sound component of a service of radio.