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4 seasons of the female sport

4 seasons of the female sport

Impetuses in 2014, to develop the female sporting practices and their media exposure, the “24 hours of the female sport” filled their bet. Between 2012 and 2014, the share of the female sport in the televised sporting programs indeed doubled. From 7% in 2012, it passed to 14%.

The “24 hours of the female sport” became in 2016 the “ 4 seasons of the female sport ” and were declined in four key periods:

The first season gave you appointments the Saturday the 6th and Sunday, February 7, 2016 for a great time of mediatization of the female sport on the initiative of the CSA.

  The second season, in May 2016, controlled by the Ministry for the City, Youth and the Sports attempted to decipher the economic issues and of governance of the feminization of the sport.

  The third season, within the framework of the week “you Feel sport” of the CNOSF in September 2016, proposed various events and go to incite the women to practise a sport.

 The fourth season took place on December 14th, 2016 at the House of the Sport, it made it possible to develop and celebrate the sport with female, through the handing-over of the Trophies of the female sport.



A new dash for the female sport


The “4 seasons of the female sport”, renewed in 2017, aim to gear down this result andto anchor more still the female sport in our uses. These four times make it possible to broach this subject under various angles and to federate all the actors of the female sport: professional federations, leagues and clubs, associations, local government agencies, undertaken partners of the sport, audio-visual.

Each partner - the Ministry for the Families, the Childhood and the Women's rights, the ministry for the City, of Youth and the Sports, the CSA and the Olympic and sporting Committee national French (CNOSF), will control one season. 


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