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Sport and audio-visual

To popularize through the media the female sport

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The Frenchwomen like the sport and the audio-visual mediums like the female sport more and more. In 2016, up to 20% of the sporting repeat broadcasts was devoted to him, nearly 3 times more than in 2012. The CSA incites the French audio-visual landscape to always improve this score through the operation female Sport.  

The operation “female Sport always”

Once a year, televisions and radios - main roads and local - give a blow of projector to the female sport at the time one weekend. On the initiative of the CSA and his partners, within the framework of the standing Conference of the female sport since 2018, they adapt their programs and treat female sport under various formats:

  • retransmissions of female sporting events
  • diffusion of images to information
  • diffusion of documentaries and reports around the female sport 
  • invitation of sportsmen and sporting, specialists to discuss female sport. 

In 2016, 23 TV channels and about fifty radios were mobilized. In 2017, they were respectively about thirty and around fifty to be taken part in the operation (then called 4 Seasons of the female Sport). Schedules of great listening, emissions profiting from a certain notoriety and intended for the general public as with the sporting-men: this mediatization took place through a broad panel of programs and targeted a varied public.

Still more antenna for the female sport!

The female sport gains in time of antenna, but not only the one weekend time. The operation of mediatization installation for 4 years, renewed in 2018 under the name of Female Sport Always, has launched a dynamics and takes part in a virtuous circle, also apart from the audio-visual mediums :

  • the share devoted to the female sport increases : 7% of the time volume of the sporting retransmissions on television in 2012, then 14% in 2014 and from 16 to 20% in 2016
  • the televiewers applaud : they were 5.6 million in 2016 in front of the final of Judo “Women +78kg” at the time as of Olympic Games of Rio; 4.1 million in front of France-Germany of the Football world cup female of in June 2015 
  • the female sporting events became profitable for the TV channels
  • the female sporting practice develops in correlation with its mediatization : between 2007 and 2015, the number of female sporting licences progressed from 20% (against 10% for the men).

The standing Conference of the female sport

Created on May 10th, 2017, the standing Conference of the female sport has the role of making progress the female sporting practice to France. It counts about thirty experts of the sporting, audio-visual, economic world and of the public sector. Their work contributes to the development of the female sport under all these aspects: structuring of the sporting as an amateur and professional practice, economy of the female sport, mediatization, hasccès women with the responsibilities and the governance, etc

The CSA collaborates in particular in the working group of the Conference dedicated to the “ Mediatization of the female sport ”. The operation Female Sport Always constitutes one of the actions conducted within this framework.






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