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Public consultation preliminary to the call for candidate Usually + in Bordeaux and Toulouse

Publication date: Thursday, February 22, 2018
Plenary assembly of February 21st, 2018

The Superior council of audio-visual plans to launch an appeal for the candidatures out of terrestrial digital radio in the zones of Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Pursuant to articles 28-4 and 31 of the law of September 30th, 1986, the possible launching of a call to the candidatures in these zones must be preceded by a public consultation and impact studies in order to measure as well at the metropolitan level as local the impact of the launching of the calls projected within the framework of the calendar published by the Council. 

For this purpose, the Council publishes the following documents:

  • a public consultation;
  • an impact study of possible authorizations out of terrestrial digital radio on the local scale relative to Bordeaux;
  • an impact study of possible authorizations out of terrestrial digital radio on the local scale relative to Toulouse;
  • a note presenting the methodology used for the impact studies projects to the local scale;
  • the complement n°2 under investigation of impact on a metropolitan scale published by the Council on its website on April 19th, 2016.

The list specifies zones likely to be the object of a call appears in the public consultation and the impact studies. The contour of the allotments appears in the impact studies.

Methods of organization of the public consultation

The answers to the public consultation on the base of article 28-4 will have to be addressed to the Superior council of audio-visual at the latest March 14th, 2018 :

  • maybe, preferably, by e-mail:, by specifying like object “ Answer to the public consultation preliminary to the call number 4 ”;
  • maybe by following post way at the address:

Superior council of the audio-visual one

Public consultation RNT call NO 4

Mirabeau turn

39-43, quai André Citroën

75739 Paris Cedex 15

The answers will be regarded as public and could be published on the website of the Council, except for the elements whose confidentiality will be explicitly required.

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