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Public consultation on the future of platform DVB

Publication date: Thursday, July 27, 2017
Plenary assembly of July 20th, 2017

Since its installation in France in 2005, digital terrestrial television (DVB) profited from several successive evolutions, such as enrichment amongst chains, from now on thirty-two in metropolis, and the improvement of the quality of the image: since April 5th, 2016, the near total of the chains are, in metropolis, high definition. Whereas the uses of the televiewers evolve and that alternate platforms bringing of new services, in particular nonlinear, develop, platform DVB preserves many assets (wealth of the offer, extended cover, exemption from payment…) that it is possible to reinforce. 

The object of this consultation is to collect the observations of the actors on the improvements which could be brought to platform DVB, in particular in terms of quality of image and interactivity, the engineering changes which it is necessary to introduce to allow such improvements, as well as implementation the operational of these engineering changes. 

The document relates to the metropolis, but the drawn lesson and work likely to be committed could be useful for the territories located overseas, realising however the taking into account of specificities of the DVB ultramarine. 

The contributions must arrive at the Council before October 13th, 2017, by e-mail at the address or mail at the address following: 


Superior council of the audio-visual one

Public consultation on the future of the DVB

39-43, quai André-Citroën

75739 Paris Cedex 15


The contributors who wish to transmit a version including of the roofed passageways by the professional secrecy must identify them clearly and in addition transmit a public contribution likely to be made public.


Download in the part “Resources” the text of the public consultation.

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