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End of the election time: the CSA greets the role of the radios and televisions

Official statement of the Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Superior council of audio-visual, joined together this day, made a satisfactory assessment of the media treatment of the legislative elections. 

It notes in particular that the editors who had been previously alerted on the need for respecting the principle of equity provided the required efforts in order to better fulfill their obligations. 

In a general way, he greets, at the end one election time very long and rich in bounces, the commitment of the radios and televisions in order to contribute fully to a pluralist political expression. It was particularly the case for the public service of television, the chains of information uninterrupted and televisions local. The constant interest of the listeners and the televiewers for the political emissions throughout this period showed the central role which the radios and televisions in the political information of the citizens continue to play.

The CSA ensured with independence and impartiality the missions which were entrusted to him by the legislator. It expressed its reactivity constantly. The Council moreover stuck to the transparency of its action by the regular publication in an opened format, statements of the antenna and speaking times. These figures rigorously collected, checked and published, which were the object of no dispute, constituted an element of reference for political trainings as for the audio-visual mediums.


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