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To receive the radio

To make sure that you are well in a covered zone by the radio

To receive radio (DT)

If you do not receive the radio, the first thing to be made is to make sure that your zone is well covered.




Consult the application My FM radio


On the assumption that the desired radio does not diffuse in your zone, of the alternative solutions are available via other networks.

Internet: the Radio operator Web

A radio operator Web is a radio station diffused on Internet thanks to technology of reading uninterrupted or by podcasts. Only condition: to have a connection Internet high-speed by the cable, ADSL or the Internet by satellite. The support can be a computer with soundcard and device of listening, a radio Internet or a mobile phone connected to Internet.

The radio by satellite

Today, there exist 4 satellites which make it possible to receive the radio:

  • Eutelsat W3A on the position 7° Is
  • Atlantic Bird 3 on the position Western 5°
  • Accessible Astra on the position 19°2 Is
  • Hot Bird 6,8,9 accessible on the position 13° Is

To benefit from these offers, the user will have to be equipped with a parabola and a specific terminal.