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Selection of FM radios in the Rhône-Alpes area

Official statement of the Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Superior council of audio-visual selected, on February 15th, 2011, the holders of 623 FM frequencies for which an appeal for the candidatures was launched on April 13th, 2010 in the Rhône-Alpes area.

454 of these frequencies are currently exploited by private operators, whose authorizations expired.

169 new frequencies were made available thanks to work of technical planning undertaken by the Council to develop the radiophonic offer in the areas concerned.
7 frequencies were booked, in accordance with the law, for the benefit of Radio France: two in Blue Saint-Etienne for France and Mouv', in Grenoble and in Annecy for Mouv', in Modane, Saint-Michel of Maurienne and Pontcharra for France Info.
The Council renewed the authorizations of the totality of the existing radios, thus privileging continuity.

As regards new frequencies, the Council searched three objectives:

a) the development of the exposure of the local radios of catégorie* A and B, to whom are allotted 50 additional frequencies (that is to say 30% of the new frequencies put at the call), allowing as follows:

- extension of the cover of radios already authorized in Rhône-Alpes, with in particular the selection on new frequencies, of category A, services denominational (RCF Savoy, RCF Lyon Fourvière, RCF 26, Radio Hope, FM Headlight with the doors of Dauphine), Community (Radio operator Salam) or of proximity (Radio operator Valley of Kidneys, Radio operator Millennium, Radio operator M, RCT Cape Sao, Radio Passion, Oxygenates Radio);

- reinforcement of many local and regional services independent by attribution of additional frequencies to Radio operator Scoop, the Radio More, Radio ODS, Radio operator FC, Hit and Sport, Activ Radio operator, FM Impact, MTI, TFM, Radio operator Isa, Hot Radio ;

- the enrichment of the offer of local radios by the selection of new projects (Catch FM, Radio FMR, four radios of mountain of the group Oxygenates, R-DWA , Radio operator MPlusM, Radio Altitude of category A; Radio operator Valloire and It R adio of B) category and of a radio of a close area (Outdoor).

b) continuation of the development of several formats sets of themes originals or likely to answer a nonsatisfied request :

The Council in particular selected on new frequencies the Radio operator East in Vienna, BFM with the A lpe of Hoot, Chambéry, Courchevel, Valley of Isere, Annecy, Jazz Radio in Roanne, Montélimar, Courchevel, Annecy and Chamonix, TSF Jazz in Borough-in-Bresse, Valence and Chambéry, Radio operator Nova in Saint-Etienne, Yes FM with Montélimar, Roanne and Villefranche-sur-Saône, Radio FG in Annecy and Courchevel, Latina FM in Annecy.
c) a balanced development of the musical networks sets of themes and radios general practitioners (in the respect of the ceiling of 150 million inhabitants fixed by the law for the radiophonic groups):

As regards ten principal zones of the call, the service road by the radios of the national groups is supplemented by rrivée:

- NRJ with Cluses;
- of Skyrock to Annecy;
- RFM with Valence and Cluses;
- fromEurope 1 in Annecy and Borough-in-Bresse;
- of RTL to Villefranche-sur-Saône and Cluses;
- RMC in Roanne and Cluses.
Moreover, of the frequencies are also allotted to Skyrock with Bellegarde, Nantua, Die, the Blackberry, Voiron, Borough-Saint-Maurice, Modane, Valloire and Chamonix, like with Laughing and Songs with Nantua, Oyonnax, Aubenas, Albertville, Borough-Saint-Maurice, Chamonix and Cluses. In addition, Radio operator South is proposed of category E in the zone of Valence.
This new plan of radio frequencies will be applied at the end of July 2011.
* Radios of category a: associative radios
Radios of category b: independent commercial radios
Radios of category C: local commercial radios diffusing the program of a network set of themes to national vocation
Radios of category D: commercial radios sets of themes with national vocation
Radios of category E: commercial radios general practitioners with national vocation

Download above the list of the selected radios (192 KB).