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Selection of FM radios in Alsace, Lorraine and in the zones of Troyes and Joinville

Official statement of the Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Superior council of audio-visual selected, on January 4th, 2011, the holders of 300 FM frequencies for which an appeal for the candidatures had been launched on January 26th, 2010 for the areas Alsace and Lorraine and the zones of Troyes and Joinville (Paddle):

 - 168 of these frequencies are currently exploited by private operators, whose authorizations expired;

- 132 frequencies were made available thanks to the work undertaken by the Council to develop the radiophonic offer. Three of these frequencies were booked, in accordance with the law, in Radio France for the diffusion of France Blue in Briey (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Sarreguemines (the Moselle) and Thionville (the Moselle).

 The Council renewed the authorizations for the near total of the existing radios.

 As regards new frequencies, the choices were limited because of shortage of resources in certain zones and the significant number of frequencies in constraint of programs. The Council pursued three goals:

a) The development of the local radios of categories A and B, to which 42 new frequencies are allotted (that is to say nearly one the third of the new frequencies), as follows allowing:

- extension of the cover of radios already authorized in Alsace or Lorraine, with in particular the selection, of category A*, of Radio operator Channel Bilberry (Lunéville and Saint-Dié), ofAzure FM High-Alsace (Colmar and Holy-Marie-with the Mines), of Cocktail FM (the Bresse and Tholy), of Radio operator Bellevue (Saint-Dié);

- the reinforcement of local and regional services independent by attribution of new frequencies in Direct FM (Nancy), ECN (Colmar), Is FM (Strasbourg), Radio Freedom (Strasbourg), Magnum the Radio (Nancy, Tholy, Thillot, Saint-Dié), Radio operator Dreyeckland (Saverne, Strasbourg), Top Music (Sarrebourg, Schirmeck, Mulhouse);

- the enrichment of the offer of local radios by the selection of new projects of category A *: Radio Without Border with Montmédy and VFM with Heathers and Remiremont; in category B *: Kit FM in Bar-le-Duc, Commercy and Verdun or of new radios in the zones of the call (Radio RCF the E fucks in Bar-le-Duc and Verdun, Radio operator Star with the Bresse, Saint-Dié and Vittel).


b) Continuation of the development of several formats sets of themes originals or answering a nonsatisfied request :

In Strasbourg, the Council selected Radio operator FG which presents a format new and innovating in the zone. This program finds all its place in the radiophonic offer of a big city which profits from a European statute.
The Council also selected, Latina (Troyes), France the Maghreb 2 (Metz), Classical Radio (Metz), Radio operator Nova (Metz), Yes FM (Thionville, Colmar), Jazz Radio (Saint-Dié).

c) A balanced development of the musical networks sets of themes and radios general practitioners :

 The service road of the ten principal zones by the national groups is supplemented by the arrival:

- RMC (NextRadioTV group) in Nancy;
- of Fun Radio (RTL Group), Skyrock and BFM (NextRadioTV group) in Metz;
- of Fun Radio, Skyrock and RMC in Mulhouse;
- of Laughing and Songs (NRJ Group) with Forbach;
- NRJ, Laughter and Songs, RTL, Europe 1, Skyrock and RMC with Epinal.

RMC, now absent from Alsace and Lorraine, is selected in Nancy, Mulhouse, Morhange, Sarrebourg, Epinal, the Bresse, Neufchâteau and Saint-Dié, like in Joinville.
The Council also selected Skyrock, already present in Nancy, in new cities:  Metz, Mulhouse, Sarrebourg, Guebwiller, Epinal, Gérardmer and the Bresse.

The authorizations are naturally granted in the respect of the ceiling of 150 million inhabitants fixed by the law for the radiophonic groups.

The new plan of radio frequencies will be applied in July 2011.
* Radios of category a: associative radios

Radios of category b: independent commercial radios 

Radios of categories C : local commercial radios diffusing the program of a network set of themes to national vocation

Radios of category D : commercial radios sets of themes with national vocation