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Emission “L'Equipe of night”: Radio operator Scoop formal notice

Publication date: Thursday, July 17, 2014
Plenary assembly of June 25th, 2014

The Council put in residence Radio operator Scoop because of the diffusion, in the L'Equipe emission of night of February 13th, 2014, of a sequence during which, following an announcement passed on a website “ incentive of the men alone to invite in order to carry out a meeting ” or to have “ a dialogue by telephone ”, a presenter using a pseudonym had a conversation of a private and sexual nature with a listener. This conversation was recorded and scénarisée by the radio for a later diffusion.

Then, the conversation led the listener to be delivered, with the antenna, an explicit sex act. Moreover, the presenter and the listener held of the raw and obscene remarks to describe their sexual intrigues: such a sequence was of thus a pornographic nature.

Lastly, the listener was unaware of that these remarks were going to be diffused with the antenna of the radio which thus voluntarily recorded a conversation of a nature deprived without informing the listener of his possible diffusion.

Such facts are in contradiction with: