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Young public: the Council joins together its new committee of experts

Publication date: Thursday, August 22, 2013

On June 11th took place at the CSA a meeting of the committee of experts joined together since 2005 by the working group devoted to the protection of the minors, currently chaired by Françoise Laborde. It accommodates this year three new members.

Three specialists in childhood joined, since May 14th, the committee of experts set up by the Council, within the framework of the working group in charge of the protection of the minors: 

  • Mr. Olivier Houdé, professor of psychology of the development at the Paris-Descartes university, research director “cognitive Development and operation” in the group of neurofonctionnelle imagery of National Scientific Research Center (CNRS), joint editor of the opinion of the Academy of Science the Child and screens ;
  • Mr. Frédéric Munos, assistant principal at the high school Louis-Armand (Paris 15th), person in charge of the operation “High schools to the cinema” of 2008 to 2012 and organizer of projects of education to the citizenship;
  • Master Françoise Davideau, lawyer.

This committee of experts was created to in 2005 accompany the reflection by the Council on the whole of the relative questions to the young public, and was renewed for the first time in 2010. Its other members are today:

  • Mr. Claude Aiguevives, child psychiatrist;
  • Mme Élisabeth Sahel, person in charge of association Action innocence France;
  • Mr. Christian Gautellier, representative of the coordination of the interassociatif Collective Childhood, media and education (CIEME); 
  • Mr. Patrice Huerre, child psychiatrist;
  • Mme Sophie Jehel, university lecturer at the university Paris 8, researcher at the laboratory of the Center of studies on the media, technologies and internationalization;
  • Mme Françoise Tomé, magistrate, chief of the inspection of the legal protection of youth; 
  • Mme Odile Naudin, advisor near the Defender of the rights;
  • Mme Guillemette Leneveu, chief executive officer of the National union of family associations; 
  • Mme Renucci France, director of the Center of connection of the teaching and the media of information (CLEMI).