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The committee on the protection of the young public packs itself

Publication date: Monday, February 19, 2018

committee of expert of the young public

During this time of digital transformation, the CSA wished to reconsider the composition of his public committee of experts young person for best adapting to the audio-visual consumption of young people. 

During its renewal, sixteen specialists in childhood, adolescence, the digital one and the audio-visual one took up their post within this committee. Members for two years, their competences will nourish the work which the Council undertakes on the sets of themes of protection of the young public, carried by the advisor Carole Bienaimé Besse.

Photograph Thomas Déron.

“We wished that the professionals of childhood who composed this committee of experts initially be joined by creators of programs and contents audio-visual dedicated to the children and to the teenagers, numericians, and the neuroscientifiques ones in order to better accompany us in our work by futurology as regards protection by the young public. To adapt the regulation and the protection of the minors to the modes of audio-visual consumption which are theirs is a major concern of the Council. ”, points out Carole Bienaimé Besse, member of the CSA and president of the Public Young working group.


A think tank dedicated to the young public

The Committee of experts of the young public of the CSA counts new members thus. It gathers from now on health professionals specialists in youth (pediatrists, psychiatrists, psychologists), institutional representatives (Defender of the rights, HADOPI) and associative (UNAF) but also of the people working directly on the audio-visual contents, in particular in the sector of the audiovisual production and the industry of the video game.  The CSA offers a debate and dialogue, reflector space to them on a subject with the crossing of their competences: the protection of young people with respect to classical video contents and on Internet.

Nicolas Curien, advisor of the CSA

During the meeting of January 2018, Carole Bienaimé Besse, member of the CSA and president of the working group protection of the young public, and Nicolas Curien, member of the CSA and vice-president of this group, pointed out the double mission of this committee:

  • to make recommendations on the exposure of the young public to the traditional audio-visual contents
  • to contribute to work of futurology on the challenges of the protection of the young public, by integrating the digital evolution in particular.

Six work axes

Carole Bienaimé Besse and Nicolas Curien defined the priority sets of themes which will be carried by six sub-groups:

  • the fight against the inappropriate contents: violence, pornography, call to hatred, etc
  •  video games
  • the offer of program youth
  • the link children, teenagers/screens: active screens and passive screens
  • artificial intelligence, algorithms and platforms
  • security of the access and descriptive.

The Committee of experts of the young public will meet every two months, allowing the sub-groups to make a restitution of the work carried out meanwhile on various topics (lines of thinking for the Council, proposals for actions, etc).

Members of the committee of experts of the young public

Chaired by Carole BIENAIMÉ BESSE and defect chaired by Nicolas CURIEN

Olivier ANDRIEU-GÉRARD, Coordonnator of the pole “digital media-uses” to the National union of family associations (UNAF)

Genevieve AVENARD, Défenseure of the children near the Defender of the rights

Pauline BLASSEL, Secrétaire general deputy of the HADOPI

Gregoire BORST, professor de Psychologie of the development and cognitive neurosciences of education at the University Paris Descartes

Beatrice COPPER-ROYER, psychologist specialist in the child and the teenager, co-founder of association E-childhood

Renaud OF TOURNEMIRE, pediatrist with the CHI of Poissy

Marie-Sophie OF WAUBERT, vice-President Corporate Affairs fromUbisoft

Sabine DUFLO, psychologist and family therapeutist in pédopsychiatrie (CMP, EPS City-Evrard)

Christel GONNARD, screenwriter and director of writing

 Azmina GOULAMALY, Director of the studio of Pipangaï animation

Yves GOUNIN, President of the Commission of classification of cinematographic works

Olivier HOUDÉ, professor in experimental psychology of the development of the child

Aurélie JEAN, coder, founder of In silico Veritas

Alexandre MALSCH, founder and former president of Melty, Total DIGITAL Brand Manager for the Quiksilver brands and Roxy

Emmanuel MARTIN, acting general of the Trade union of the software publishers of leisures (SALT)

David MICHEL, producer of television, President de Cottonwood Media

Georges PICHEROT, pediatrist, former chief of the service pediatry of CHU de Nantes

Serge TISSERON, psychiatrist, member of the Academy of Technologies, doctor in psychology entitled to direct research in Clinical Social sciences, researcher associated with Université Paris VII Denis Diderot

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