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Youth and protection of the minors

Teenagers and the radio

Privileged media

The radio is media privileged by the teenagers, from 12 to 16 years. They listen to primarily radios which propose in alternation music, telephone games, hoaxes and programs spoken, in particular known as of “free-antenna”. The emissions mainly spoken are programmed in the slices of strong audiences of these radios, the morning between 6:00 and 9:00 and the evening of 21:00 at midnight.

The programs of “free-antenna” diffused in evening meet a sharp success near this target of listeners because they enable them to be able to be expressed freely on the subjects of their choice. The fact that a dialogue can be established between a listener and a presenter is a positive element as from the moment when it can contribute to help psychologically of the teenagers being in situations that they do not understand or that they do not manage to manage.

Delicate topics

The conversations often beat about the bush relative questions to the love affairs and sexuality. Approached in a way which wants to be humorous, sometimes provocative, by the presenters, the problems mentioned by the listeners often require an attentive listening and brief replies concrete and serious. But the informative and teaching character is not always the element dominating in the answers given to the interrogations of the listeners and it is often occulted with the profit of a more or less subtle humour which is not inevitably in adequacy with the interrogation expressed by the listener or the listener.

Sometimes through listenings of these programs, certain remarks could be in contradiction with the concept of human dignity, others being likely to run up against the sensitivity of the 16 year old minors because of their crudeness, even of their obscenity, the degrading representation of the sexuality which they give, even devalorization of the image of the woman. Such remarks can harm physical, mental or moral blooming of young people. If the adults can easily take step back with respect to this kind of matter, the teenagers and the preadolescents, by nature more vulnerable, are likely to be disturbed by such representations, from where need for envisaging a diffusion after 22:30 of such remarks.

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