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“Youporn Quiz”: Skyrock formal notice

Publication date: Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Plenary assembly of December 20th, 2013
Official journal of January 30th, 2014, decision n°2013-790

The Council noted that during the Free radio broadcast September 2nd, 4th and 9th, October 21st, November 4th and December 2nd, 2013, radio operator Skyrock diffused sequences entitled Youporn Quiz during which the presenters and/or the listeners with the antenna were supposed to guess, according to the sound diffusion of extracts selected by the presenters starting from the website, the country in which had been turned of the pornographic films.

He considers that these sequences are of a pornographic nature and that for this reason, they cannot be diffused with the antenna of a service of radio without ignoring the provisions of the last subparagraph of the deliberation of February 10th, 2004 relating to child protection and adolescence to the antenna of the services of sound broadcasting.

Furthermore, the Council noted, during the same program, the quotation on several occasions of the Youporn brand, apart from any advertising screen, the kindness displayed towards the site “”, presented in a laudatory way, and the mention of the brand in the title of the sequence, in ignorance of the provisions of article 8 of the decree of April 6th, 1987 and the stipulations of article 3-3 of the convention of the station.

Consequently, the Council put in residence the company Vortex, editor of the radio, to respect the whole of the above mentioned provisions in the future.