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Access of associations to the audio-visual mediums: the CSA sets up a commission of reflection

Official statement of the Thursday, June 24, 2010

Michel Boyon, president of the Superior council of has udiovisuel, installed on Thursday, June 24, 2010 a commission of reflection on the access of associations to the audio-visual mediums, in the presence of representatives of the cabinet of Marc-Philippe DAUBRESSE, Minister for youth and active solidarity.

The installation of this commission makes following a proposal presented by Michel Boyon to the Government at the time of the last national conference of community life on December 17th, 2009.
The commission will be given the responsibility to characterize the place currently given to associations in the media and to determine their waitings and their needs, as well as the way in which the latter could be better satisfied.
Underlining the will of the CSA to develop the presence, in all its forms, of the associative world in the audio-visual one, Michel BOYON recommended “the establishment of a balanced partnership and dynamics between associations and the chains of television and radio. This partnership will have to guarantee the transparency and equity in the access to the antenna of associations which calls on public generosity “.
This commission, chaired by Michele REISER and Emmanuel GABLA, members of the Council, understands people specialists in the media or having experience of community life as well as representatives in the public authorities.
In order to clarify its work, it will proceed during the summer to hearings of representatives of the audio-visual mediums and associative sector. She will submit her report to the autumn, together with proposals and recommendations.

The commission understands 17 members :

Fourteen qualified personalities : Isabelle Altmayer-Barnier, Edith Arnoult-Brill, Francis Balle, Claire Brisset. Marc Gentilini, Mélanie Gratacos, Hélène Fatou, Jacques Henrard, Patricia Langrand, Ivan. Levaï, Jean-Marc Roirant, Philippe. Ryfman, Michel Soublin, Emmanuelle Wargon.

Three representatives of the public authorities : Yann Dyèvre, Laurence Franceschini, Thierry Saussez.



Superior council of the audio-visual one

- Emmanuel Gabla, member of the Council
- Michèle Reiser, member of the Council

Representatives of the Public authorities

- Yann Dyèvre, director of youth, popular education and community life
- Laurence Franceschini, chief executive officer of the media and culture industries
- Thierry Saussez, director of the service of I nformation of the government

Qualified personalities

- Isabelle Altmayer-Barnier, old responsible associative, former advisor community life of Mrs. Roselyne Bachelot
- Edith Arnoult-Brill, president of the National council of community life
- Francis Balle, academic, former member of the CSA, professor invited to the university of Stanford
- Claire Brisset, mediator of the town of Paris, old défenseure of the children
- Hélène Fatou, member of the council of has dministration of Radio France, former member of the CSA
- Marc Gentilini, member of the Academy of medicine and member of the Economic and Social Council, former president of the Red Cross
- GeneralMélanie Gratacos, delegate of ANIMAFAC, network of student associations
- Jacques Henrard, president of the standing Conference of associative coordinations
- Patricia Langrand, member of the council of has dministration of France Televisions
- Ivan Levaï, journalist, president of has ssociation Presses Freedom, vice-president of the price Hatchet
- Jean-Marc Roirant, president of the group of the representatives of associations at the Economic council, social and environmental
- Philippe Ryfman, political economist and lawyer
- Michel Soublin, former president of the Committee of the professional ethics charter of the organizations which calls on the generosity of the public
- Emmanuelle Wargon, public auditor at the Revenue court, old direct of the cabinet of Mr. Martin Hirsch.