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The access of associations to the audio-visual mediums

10 proposals of the first commission

Proposal 1 : To devote a more important time of antenna to the actors of community life and to support the word of associations in the public debate

Proposal 2 : To clearly identify with the antenna the object of the call to the gifts and to give an account to the antenna of the use of the money collected

Proposal 3 : To diversify the causes presented in the emissions of call to the gifts and to take care of information on the variety of associations working for the same cause

Proposal 4 : To indicate referent-associations in each audio-visual mediums and to make known it

Proposal 5 : To ask each audio-visual mediums to define and return public its criteria of eligibility of associations wishing to be present on its antenna and to incite the media to be pressed on the existing devices of control of associations

Proposal 6 : To incite the associative sector to improve the census of associations thanks to portals informing the audio-visual mediums and the public of the possible choices for the various causes

Proposal 7 : To invite associations to comply with in their communication the rules of the audio-visual deontology

Proposal 8 : To recommend to national associations a greater collaboration with the local mediums

Proposal 9 : To put an end to singular practices consisting in selling advertising space in return for reports

Proposal 10 : To create a permanent think tank in order to reinforce the place of community life in the audio-visual mediums

10 proposals in detail

The integral version of the report