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The access of associations to the audio-visual mediums

A new mission entrusted to the CSA

The access of associations to the audio-visual mediums

Noting the inequality of associations in front of the access to the audio-visual mediums, Michel Boyon, then president of the Superior council of audio-visual, had decided in favour of a true partnership between the audio-visual one and associations at the time of the second conference of community life, on December 17th, 2009.

Following this conference, the Prime Minister had addressed a letter of mission to the president of the CSA in January 2010 asking him to create a commission on the access of associations the audio-visual media, in particular those calling on public generosity. The mission of this working group was “to characterize the place currently given to associations in the media and to determine their waitings and their needs thus that the way in which they could be better satisfied”.

To download the letter of assignment (format pdf - 93.18 KB)


France counts more than one million associations. These associations, various so much by their cause than by their size or their level of notoriety, must share a restricted media space. This imbalance between many associations and many audio-visual mediums partly explains the reactions of certain associate managers who deplore the strong media presence of some associations, to the detriment of others, of more modest size. The representation of the diversity of the associative sector by the audio-visual mediums is the first problems whose the Council was seized, while keeping in mind the principle of liberty applying to each actor:

  • association must be able to freely choose the relations which it establishes with the audio-visual mediums;
  • the audio-visual mediums must be able to freely choose the relations which it establishes with associations;
  • the giver must be able to freely choose to support a cause or an association.

One second problems emerged with the natural disasters which have occurred these last years: that of the transparency in the use of the funds collected thanks to the emissions of support. This request for transparency concerns a moral responsibility shared for associations and audio-visual mediums, on which falls the choice to propose a particular association, and dissemination of information on the use of the raised funds.