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The access of associations to the audio-visual mediums

Towards a better collaboration of the media and associations

Towards a better collaboration of the media and associations


The selection criteria of the audio-visual mediums concerning associations having access to their antenna are not always explicit. Certain TV channels however set up in-house procedures: 

  • TF1 set up a committee Solidarity meeting four times a year. It acts on three types of commitments: advertising space, social operations and the direct gift.
  • M6 set up an internal procedure of selection of associations having access to the antenna. A select committee, in particular made up of the “referent associations” chooses associations according to the leading line of the chain.
  • France Televisions named a “referent associations” charged to coordinate the various requests near the chains of the group.
  • Channel + also named people “relay associations”.

However, often, no true procedure of objective selection is installation. The practice makes note that the audio-visual mediums seem to privilege, for the emissions of call to the donations associations having the ability to propose an emission turn-key to them. There exist however other modes of expression for associations having more modest means (leading subjects within newspapers, of magazines…).

Another issue is raised by associations with weak notoriety: they do not have the keys of entry to penetrate the world of the audio-visual mediums. They do not have identified contacts, and in spite of an unquestionable will to increase their visibility, they pain to reach the audio-visual mediums. To answer this challenge, the CSA proposed to identify within each great audio-visual media, a person référente, responsible for the relationships to associations.


The associative fabric in France at the same time very dense and is very varied. In a preoccupation with a visibility, the Council recommends to the associative sector to obtain platforms of census. Such platforms would meet the need for the audio-visual mediums and the public to have lists of referencing on associations and the causes which they support. The Infodon portal already engaged an initiative of this type.

Beyond the lists of references, for the audio-visual mediums the question of the “serious” character of association arises (in its management, in its operation). Indeed, the choice to open its antenna with a particular association makes weigh a share of moral responsibility on the audio-visual mediums in question, since this one gives credibility to association and contributes to increase its notoriety.

To date, some certification or certifications, for example by the Committee of the Charter of the gift in confidence, were installation. 

Such labels or approvals represent a warranty, a certificate of confidence for the audio-visual mediums, and can encourage them to promote associations which are titular.  The Council thus encourages associations to develop this kind of initiative, which also gives credibility to them with the eyes of the public.