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Cover of the attack of Nice by the audio-visual mediums: deliberation of the Council of July 27th, 2016

Official statement of the Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Superior council of audio-visual was received by many televiewers of sequences dealing with the attack to Nice in the evening of July 14th, 2016. He also became acquainted with the petitions, of which one of members of Parliament, who were addressed to him to this occasion, relative to certain conditions of treatment by the audio-visual mediums of terrorist acts.

The services of the CSA viewed and listened more than 150 hours of programs of information relative to this tragic event.

As regards certain images diffused by France 2 in the night of July 14th, 2016, in accordance with the loi*, the general manager of the CSA seized the independent rapporteur placed near the Council.

Concerning the other audio-visual sequences, the members of the Council, if they were very sensitive to the reactions caused by the reports and mark their concern as for the contestable diffusion of certain testimonies, refer some to the existing right to note that no failure characterized with the legal requirements, lawful and conventional was raised.

The Council considers finally that the subjects of which it was seized by way of petition, relating in particular to the conditions of revelation of the identity of terrorists and diffusion of images the representative, will be broached during the development under its responsibility for the “ code of conduct relating to the audio-visual cover for terrorist acts ”. The principle of this code was adopted by the Parliament within the framework of the law of July 21st, 2016 extending the application of the law of April 3rd, 1955 relating to the emergency state. It should be noted that this “ code of conduct ” has authority to continue beyond the emergency state. Its development, as fast as possible, requires a dialogue with the audio-visual mediums.


* Pursuant to the law of November 15th, 2013, when the editor is already the object of a formal notice, in fact on the base of the respect of the principle of human dignity, the report of possible a new failure on the same base causes a specific procedure which consists in entrusting to a rapporteur independent the decision of commitment of the continuations and the instruction of the business, likely to lead to a sanction imposed by the Council.


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