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Deontology of information and the programs

Deontology with the radio

In 2010, 19% of the activity of the Council as regards deontology of the contents related to the services of radio. Most of sasines of the Council relates to the emissions known as of free antenna. These programs make it possible to the listeners to live express their opinion with the antenna, or remote, on a particular topic or a topical question. The emissions of free antenna are numerous and open a space of freedom with the listeners which can cause skids.

However, for the Council, it does not matter the origin of the remarks, only the radiophonic operator is responsible. The Council then recalls to the radiophonic operators their leading responsibility. This responsibility, which is the object of the 1st article of the convention signed by the deprived radios with the Council, stipulates thus that the operator is “only responsible for the program diffused on his antenna, whatever the methods of his manufacturing”. In the event of failure, the Council considers that the operator failed in his obligation of control of the antenna. 

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