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Deontology of information and the programs

Control of the antenna, a general obligation

Deontology of information and the programs

The regulation operated by the Council always intervenes after diffusion, remainder thus in conformity with the requirements of the freedom of communication. The action of the Council is based on an obligation common to all the editors: that of the control of the antenna. The editor is responsible for what it diffuses and must go parking of the remarks made with the antenna.

When a failure due to a defect of control of the antenna is noted, the Council takes into account the kind of the emission and the conditions of its diffusion before taking a decision. Indeed, the gravity of the failure will be differently appreciated if it is about a program in matter humorous, informative, of a fiction or an emission of free antenna.

In the same way, the appreciation of the Council takes account of the terms of dissemination of the program (direct or differed). When contrary remarks with the deontology are made during a live emission, the presenter must intervene quickly, by stopping the speaker or by condemning his remarks. When the emission is diffused remotely, such remarks should not be held.

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