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Interactive emissions out of radio

Publication date: Friday, August 31, 2012

The radiophonic programs knew big changes in their leading construction during these last years. That it is the emissions of free antenna on the stations aiming at a young public or interactive emissions on the radios general practitioners, the reinforcement of the relation with the listeners became one of the major stakes in the manufacturing of these programs.

The commission of reflection on the evolution of the programs of the CSA undertook works on this subject by distinguishing the problems of the musical stations of those from the stations general practitioners.

It comes out from this work several reports:

- as regards musical stations aiming at a young public, the Council did not impose any more sanctions against the emissions of free antenna since 2008 whereas this kind of emissions swarmed in the grids of the various stations. These emissions use more and more the websites of the stations and the social networks to maintain the bond with the listener beyond the antenna, in particular with specific contents;

- as regards stations general practitioners, the relation listener-station evolved under the effect of the emergence of a new leading model impelled by a station which borrows certain codes from the FM band. The devices of control of the antenna implemented by these stations organize today a system of at the same time organisational, technical and human filters which make it possible as well as possible to prevent any risk of skid to the antenna. The websites of the operators, the blogs and the social networks continue more and more like the means of incorporating the public ones considering that the active public on the networks appears very distinct from the public of the intervening listeners on the antennas.

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