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Remarks made on the radio Here & Maintaining on December 28th, 2016: answer to the plaintiff

Publication date: lundi 11 septembre 2017
Plenary assembly of July 12th, 2017

The CSA was seized about a sequence diffused on the antenna of the radio Here & Maintaining on December 28th, 2016 and repeated the following day, because of remarks made by a listener and considered as “ racist and threatening ” by the plaintiff. 

Under the terms of article 2-4 of concluded convention enters Here & Now and the Council, “ the holder takes care in his program […] not to incite not to encourage discriminatory behaviors with regard to the people because of their origin, their membership or their not-membership, true or supposed with an ethnos group, a nation, a race or a given religion […] ; to promote the values of integration and solidarity which are that of the Republic “. Article 2-10 of this convention provides that “ the holder implements the procedures necessary to ensure, including within the framework as of interventions of the listeners, the control of the antenna ”.

En l’espèce, si les propos de l’auditeur avaient effectivement un caractère discriminatoire et étaient contraires aux valeurs d’intégration et de solidarité qui sont celles de la République, l’animateur a maîtrisé l’antenne en appelant l’auditeur au calme et à la bienséance, de sorte qu’aucun manquement de la station à ses obligations n’a pu être retenu. 

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