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Coming into effect of the quota of 40% of French-speaking songs to the radio

Official statement of the Friday, January 19, 1996

The law of February 1st, 1994 forces the private radios to diffuse, since January 1st, 1996, at the significant hours of listening, 40% of songs of French expression, of which the half at least coming from new talents or new productions, for the share of their program made up of music of variety.
By February 1994, the Council implemented a device which enables him to make apply the quotas envisaged by the law. Thus the radios concluded with him from the endorsements to their convention gradually bringing them to the threshold required.
At the end of this transitional period, the Council, as well as the whole of the actors of the music field, gathered within association Musics France More, endeavoured to search, in the strict respect of the legislative measures, of the solutions, simple and modulated, allowing to reconcile the diversity of the radiophonic formats and the obligations fixed by the law. The Council thus proposes to act on three parameters.

- Significant hours of listening
For the fixing of the significant hours of listening, the Council will be able, within the framework them conventions, to take into account the diversity of the formats of the radios and the special efforts authorized in favour of the diffusion of works interpreted by new talents.

- New productions and new talents
The Council will hear like “new production” any discographic creation during a six months deadline for the albums and the individual ones not extracted from albums, and three months for the individual extracts of albums, as from the date of their first marketing.
The Council will ask association Musics France to communicate More to him each month, the list of the albums and individual put on the market, as well as the names of the artists who lose the qualification of “new talent”.

- Control
The respect of the quotas will continue to be the object of monthly calculations. However, to appreciate the failures, the Council will take account of the results noted over one three months period consecutive.
The device will be supplemented by a monthly system declaratory to which will have to subscribe all the radios.
The Council estimates finally that the objectives set by the law will be fully reached only so of the incentive measures in favour of the production and of the distribution phonographic are taken by the public authorities.

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Key dates

  • February 1st, 1994 - Vote, by the National Assembly, of the amendment presented by the senator Pelchat

  • August 1st, 2000 - Adoption, by the National Assembly, of two derogatory provisions to the law of February 1st, 1994