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The diffusion of songs of French expression

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The Observatory of the music 

The installation of the Observatory of the music, which depends directly on the City of the music, answers a professional request aiming to the creation of a system of observation devoted to the analysis of the general economy of the music field, of its financial and commercial resources, like with the expertise and the evolution on the general terms of its systems of production, diffusion and marketing.

The Observatory is charged, on the one hand, developing a statistical tool of follow-up on the economy of the sector of the music and in particular, the phonographic production (edition, promotion and distribution), the diffusion media (radio, television and new supports), the live performance (economy of the production and the diffusion) and, on the other hand, with developing exchanges with the professional circles institutional and.

In connection with professional organizations, the Observatory of the music works, since 2001, with the participation of private companies (resource centers and of measurements of markets) with the realization of annual statements of account, the installation of indicators of activity (system of observation of musical diversity in the radiophonic landscape) and with the census of the actors.

The report Baptist, of the name of the president of a commission created at the request of the ministry for the culture and communication, led to the signature of an interprofessional agreement between broadcasters, producers of sound records and editors of music instituting a system of observation of musical diversity in the radiophonic landscape. In the prolongation of this report, submitted to the Minister for the culture and communication, on February 27th, 2002, the ministry for the Culture and Communication, the SACEM and the Superior council of audio-visual decided to cofinance the realization of an annual study relating to the analysis of musical diversity out of radio.

This report on musical diversity in the radiophonic landscape, written under the aegis of the Observatory of the music, is submitted each year to the minister for the Culture and the Communication and with the president of the CSA.

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Key dates

  • February 1st, 1994 - Vote, by the National Assembly, of the amendment presented by the senator Pelchat

  • August 1st, 2000 - Adoption, by the National Assembly, of two derogatory provisions to the law of February 1st, 1994