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Measurements in favour of the exposure of the French song to the radio

Official statement of the Thursday, November 10, 2011

Under the aegis of Superior council of audio-visual, the professionals of the music field and the representatives of the radios accepted, on November 8th, of new measurements in favour of an increased exposure of the songs of French original expression.
At the end of a dialogue carried out by the working groups “music” and “radio” of the Council, the whole of the actors of the music field, the professional organizations of the phonographic producers and the radiophonic operators, displayed a common will to promote the artists of French expression for which the radio cheek a role major prescriber.
Several measurements will be registered in the endorsements with conventions of the radios.
- On the concept of “new production”:
The period during which a title profits from the qualification of “new production”, which will offer a longer exposure to him, is carried from six to nine months. The conventional definition of the “new talents” is unchanged.
- Over the hours of significant listening:
To allow a better exposure of the artists of French expression, the hours of significant listening (currently definite of 6:30 to 22:30 of the Monday to Sunday) would be fixed 6:30 at 22:30 of the Monday to Friday and 8:00 at 22:30 saturdays and Sunday.
- Duration of diffusion of the titles:
Starting from January 1st, 2012, only the musical titles of which the duration of diffusion will be of at least two minutes (one minute today) will be taken into account by the CSA, as those one duration lower than two minutes since they will be diffused in their entirety.
A three months deadline will be designed to make it possible to the editors to adapt their programming.
Anxious to preserve musical diversity on the antennas, the Council wishes that the Observatory of the music take into account, in its panel, of new original musical stations in terms of exposed musical genres. The Observatory, of which the data are recognized by the whole of the profession, will currently study the musical programming of 42 stations against 31.
Lastly, the producers engaged with the Civil society of the phonographic producers (SCP) and the Civil society of the producers of sound records in France (SPPF) to communicate to the Observatory of the music of the statistical data relating to the annual French-speaking production of innovations per musical genre.
These measurements answer the common wish to give a new impetus to the interprofessional relations between the radios and the other actors of the music field. An assessment of application will be carried out after a first year of implementation.
The Council points out that under the terms of the freedom of audio-visual communication, the radios are free to ensure the programming of their antennas. They however are held by the law to respect a proportion of diffusion of songs of French expression and provide each month of them the calculation to the Council.

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Key dates

  • February 1st, 1994 - Vote, by the National Assembly, of the amendment presented by the senator Pelchat

  • August 1st, 2000 - Adoption, by the National Assembly, of two derogatory provisions to the law of February 1st, 1994