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First meeting of the Observatory of diversity at the CSA

Official statement of the Monday, April 8, 2013

Réunion Observatory Diversity

On Thursday, April 4 was held at the Superior council of audio-visual, under the presidency of Mémona Hintermann-Afféjee and the vice-presidency of Nicolas About, the first meeting of the Observatory of diversity in a renewed composition.


Work of the Observatory makes it possible the Council to base its action on a comprehensive approach, characterized by a close cooperation with the whole of the actors and a continuous reflection on the possible prospects for improvement as regards diversity on television.

Conducting publicity campaigns near the world of audio-visual in close relationship with the Council, the Observatory has the role to support the exchanges and the division of experiments between these actors (schools of journalism, producers, directors, agencies of distribution, training centres to the trades of the image and the sound…)

At the time of this first meeting, the members of the Observatory stressed that the audio-visual mediums contribute to social cohesion and particularly in a context marked by the economic difficulties. More than ever, televisions and radios must be conscious of their main function while carrying the hopes and by explaining the difficulties of our fellow-citizens.

Members of the observatory of diversity :

  • Jérémie Boroy, advisor with the cabinet of Marie-Arlette Carlotti, minister deputy in charge with the handicapped people and the fight against exclusion,
  • Hervé Bourges, former president of TF1, France Televisions and the Superior council of the audio-visual one,
  • Pascale Colisson, teaching person in charge of the institute of journalism of Paris-Dauphine,
  • Anne Debet, professor in Paris XII,
  • Pascal Josèphe, chief executive officer of IMCA,
  • Leila Kaddour-Boudadi, journalist, presenter of the newspaper of Arte France,
  • Maryvonne Lyazid, associated with the Defender of the rights,
  • Jacques Martial, president of the Public corporation of the park of the Villette,
  • Lydia Meziani, person in charge of the public affairs of Nestlé France,
  • Marie-Hélène Mitjavile, advisor of Member State of the National Commission of data processing and freedoms (CNIL),
  • Eric Molinié, president of social Samu of Paris, director-assistant of sustainable development with EDF-GDF,
  • Marie-France Picart, consultant in communication and media,
  • Daniel Picouly, writer and screenwriter,
  • Bouchra Réjani, chief executive officer of Shine France,
  • Patrick Simon, research director at the National institute of demographic studies (INED), researcher associated with the Center with European studies,
  • Olivier Zegna-Rata, president d' Afrik TV, advisor in charge of the institutional relations of the Canal+ group.


Contacts presses : Frédérique Bayre/Stéphanie Brun
Tel. : 01 40 58 36 29 -

  Consult work of the Council for a better representation of the diversity of the French population in the audio-visual mediums.

  Consult also the video of the press conference of March 21st, 2013, which on television had the results of vagueness 2012 of the barometer of diversity.

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Key dates

  • 2006 - Law of March 31st, 2006 known as “law for the equal opportunity”

  • 2007 - Creation by the Council of a working group on diversity and an Observatory of diversity

  • 2009 - Law of March 5th, 2009 relating to the audio-visual communication and the new public service of television

  • March 11th, 2008 - Creation of the Observatory of diversity in the audio-visual mediums

  • November 10th, 2009 - Deliberation of the Council fixing the framework of annual commitments of the diffusers