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The respect of the French language

March 14th, 2016: 2nd Day of the French language in the audio-visual mediums


The logo of the day, with its slogan, “Say it in French”.

The second Day of the French language in the audio-visual mediums is held on Monday, March 14, 2016. It invites the TV channels and the radio stations to propose our language on their antennas through a dedicated leading device

Consult the leading devices of the Monday, March 14, 2016 below.

A second edition open to the French-speaking media

This second edition is located in the middle of the 21E Week of the French language and the Francophonie (from March 12th to March 20th) organized every year by the ministry for the Culture and the Communication and that will conclude the international Day from the Francophonie, Sunday, March 20. It invites the public French-speaking international mediums, besides TV5 World implied by 2015, to join it. In particular:

  • French-speaking Belgian radio-television (RTBF),
  • Swiss radio-television
  • Radio operator Canada

French in the world 

OIF, report the French language in the world - 2014 - Click to increase

International French chains

OIF - report the French language in the world, 2014 - Click to increase


International French radios


4 international French radios, OIF-Report the French language in the world, 2014 - Click to increase

Consult the report of the OIF on the French language in the world in 2014

Three godfathers

Guillaume Gallienne

Guillaume Gallienne © Radio France - Christophe Abramowitz

Actor and director, member of the French Comedy, Guillaume Gallienne animate, since 2009, the emission That cannot make of evil on France Inter, emission of reading devoted to the large texts of the classical and contemporary repertoire. In 2014, its film Guillaume and boys, with table! by five Césars is rewarded.

Guillaume Gallienne answers the CSA on his mobilization in favour of the French language. 

Why do you join this Day of the French language?

Because I like all the languages and in particular French, who is the only language in the world which places its tonic accent where it wants “.

Which effects do you hope some? The taste of the words transmits.

You animate the emission “That cannot make of evil” on France Inter. Which role can have the media to develop our language?

The language is the media par excellence which make it possible to be expressed and to express its emotions. By the media, the language takes part in the radiation of the culture.

Do you have a word or a French expression fetish?

“Transitory” is one of the most beautiful words of our language, it evokes at the same time the life and the theatre… 


Dany Laferrière

Dany Laferriere ©Mémoire of inkpot

On December 12th, 2013, Dany Laferrière is elected with the French Academy. Born in Haiti, it begins a career from journalist to the weekly magazine the Small one Saturday evening. It leaves for Quebec in 1976, fleeing the dictatorship of Duvalier. It launches out in the writing with a first novel-shock How to make love with a negro without tiring itself (1985). Celebrate, it becomes the representative of a generation which will revolutionize the writing of the novel with its American Autobiography. Award-winning of the Médicis Price for the enigma of the return, Laferrière built a patient and powerful work which consists in mixing with grace fiction and reflection. Translated into 15 languages whose Korean, Japanese and German, the work of Dany Laferrière radiates in the world. 

Dany Laferrière answers the CSA on his mobilization in favour of the French language. 

Inhabitant of Quebec of Haitian origin, you also lived in the United States. You are translated into 15 languages. Why write in French? 

I was born in Haiti where French is the official language. My first language is the Creole but my intellectual life was done in French. I speak, I write and I live in this language. 

Writer of French language, you are an active representative of the francophonie. Does this language convey with your direction certain values more than of others?

It is a question which frightens me always a little. I believe that a language reflects the values of that which speaks it. One does not become good because one expresses oneself in such or such language. It happens that French, so rich in nuances, allows a greater flexibility in the human relations.

Which would be your word or French expression fetish?

I am writer: I do not have a word fetish, it is all the dictionary which me fascine!



Vianney ©DR

Song writer and performer, Vianney asserted himself with its first album “White Ideas”. He was crowned “better male artist” with the Victories of the Music, on February 13th, 2016. Self-educated musician, it makes initially studies of trade between France and London after having been boarder at the military high school of Saint-Cyr military school. It recently was graduate of a school of stylism in Paris. Its passion for the music goes back to its childhood: “The French song, explains the interested party, it is my culture”. Subtle Melodist, it practises, like the one second nature, the art of the musical gimmick.

Vianney answers the CSA on his mobilization in favour of the French language. 

 You say “not to find of equivalent to French (…) from the point of view of the texts”. What brings French to you or whom enables you it to express that another language would not allow?

At the time of describing a situation, a feeling, French allows an incredible precision, because of its lexical and grammatical wealth. I found only too seldom this variety of language in the anglophone song, which I however like in a visceral way.

Do the young generations have particular responsibility with respect to French?

Of course, it returns to the young generations to defend our language and its (its) wealth (S). The evolution of French is absolutely logical; but it is advisable to have for the spirit what makes its unicity and its force.

Which would be your word or French expression fetish?

In the fondant kind in mouth, the word “melancholy” is rather sublime!

Leading devices of the Monday, March 14, 2016 

Programming Africa n°1

Programming Lark

Programming of Channel +

Programming of D8 & D17

Programming of France the Maghreb 2

Programming of France Media World

Programming of France Televisions

Programming of Frequency More

Programming of the Group 1981

Programming of radio operator Horizon

Programming of M6

Programming of the public French-speaking Media

Programming of NRJ

Programming of Radio operator Happiness

Programming of Radio France

Programming of Radio Freedom

Programming RFM, Gulli, Virgin Radio

Programming of TF1

Programming of TV5 World

video messages and audio

Within the framework of this Day of the French language in the audio-visual mediums, televisions and the radios collaborate together to create and diffuse messages dedicated to French. The televisual messages carried out by France Televisions, France Media World and TV5 World are put at the disposal of the whole of the media, just as those of the International organization of the francophonie.

Messages produced by France Televisions and Yaka Productions, in partnership with TV5 World and France Media World 





Message of Radio France

logo radio operator France



Messages of the International organization of the francophonie





Messages of the Group 1981

logo Groups 1981











Message of TVPI


Messages of the radio NRJ

logo NRJ










elements of press

Consult the speech of Olivier Schrameck, president of the CSA, at the time of the press conference of presentation of the demonstration

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