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Commercial communications

Commercial communications

Article 14 of the law of the modified September 30th, 1986 entrusts to the CSA a mission of control on the object, the contents and the methods of programming of the commercial communications diffused by the services of audio-visual communication. This control is exerted, as for the rest of the programs, not before the diffusion of the commercial communications, but at the time of this diffusion. As regards televised advertisements, the professional Regulatory authority of publicity (ARPP) carries out for its members a control before diffusion, the Council having chosen in 1992 to control them a posteriori in accordance with the principle of liberty and of leading responsibility for the diffusers. (see FAQ: Which is the role of the ARPP?)

Today, the advertising communication takes multiple forms and could not be reduced to the only advertisements. On television, sponsorship and armchair shopping occupy since many years an important place. The placement of product, practises old but recently devoted legally this whole of communications supplements offered to the advertisers. With the radio, the commercial communication can take the shape of an advertisement or a sponsorship.

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