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Commercial communications


Sponsorship on the public radios

The specifications of the missions and of Radio France authorize the sponsorship of the emissions corresponding to the educational, cultural and social mission which is assigned at this company by the law, in the respect of the conditions determined by the authority of regulation (article 46).

The sponsorship of emissions is also authorized on RFI, since the service preserves the whole control of the programming of these emissions (article 39 of the specifications of the national company of program in charge of the audio-visual outside of France).

Sponsorship on the private radios

Definition of sponsorship

The decree n° 87-239 of April 6th, 1987 defines the mode of sponsorship. The sponsorship of radio broadcasts is authorized for the public enterprises or deprived wishing to finance these emissions with an aim of promoting their image, their activities or their achievements since the radio preserve the whole control of the programming (article 9).

Conditions of sponsorship

The quotation of the name, the denomination or the corporate name of the company and the reference to the characteristics which are usually associated for him can appear punctually inside the sponsored emission (article 9). Conventions of the private radios specify in article 3-3 that when they are sponsored by a third, the emissions should not encourage with the purchase or the lease of the products or services emanating of the third.

Restrictions on sponsorship

  • Under the terms of the article L. 3511-3 of the public health code, the sponsorship of an emission by a productive enterprise of tobacco or products of the tobacco is prohibited;
  • In the same way, in accordance with the article L. 3323-2 of the public health code, any operation of sponsorship is prohibited when it causes for object or propaganda or publicity, direct or indirect, in favour as of alcoholic beverages.

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