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Sporting retransmissions: the CSA is favorable to an evolution of the decree of March 27th, 1992 on sponsorship

Official statement of the Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Solicited last November by the leagues, the Superior council of Audio-visual carried out a reflection on the regulation as regards commercial communications within the framework as of sporting retransmissions.

The Council deliberated on the question on sponsorship in a very fast context of increase on the sporting rights and need for diversifications of the income sources. It wishes an evolution of the decree of March 27th, 1992 which would aim to the identification of the godfather by his products or services since the editors should profit from it.

This position was adopted at the end of a cycle of hearings carried out by Nathalie Sonnac and Nicolas About. Were received: the ministry for the City, of Youth and the Sports, Head office of the media and culture industries (DGMIC), the Olympic and sporting National committee French, TV channels, the National union of TV commercial (SNPTV), Union of advertisers (UDA), the National association of the leagues of professional sport, Sporsora (the association of the actors of the economy of the sport) and consumers' associations.

Two other great sets of themes were approached at the request of the leagues: virtual publicity and the partnership-title of the competitions (known as naming). The CSA as a preliminary refused to the discussion the demand relating to publicity in favour of alcoholic drinks for reasons of public health. For the rest, it raises that legal and economic obstacles require a thorough dialogue between the editors of TV channels and the leagues. This is why it decided to prolong the dialogue on these two subjects.


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