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The CSA publishes its first report on the presence of the women in the audio-visual programs

Official statement of the Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Following the adoption, on February 4th, 2015, deliberation n°2015-2 relating to the respect of the women's rights, and pursuant to the law of August 4th, 2014 on the real equality between the women and the men, the Superior council of audio-visual publishes, Tuesday, March 8, his first report on the presence of the women in the audiovisual programmes.

This law entrusts to the CSA the mission of taking care of a right representation of the women and men of the antenna, like with the image of the women in the emissions, in particular while fighting against the stereotypes, the prejudices sexists, the degrading images, the violences made to the women and the violences made within the couple.

The CSA greets the implication of televisions and the radios which were mobilized to produce required information, showing their will to work for a true equality.

Realized in dialogue with the operators, this first report for the year 2015 reveals a total representation of the women to the antenna which must be improved.

Admittedly, the Council notes with satisfaction that a significant number of programs contributing to the fight against the prejudices sexists and the violences made to the women was diffused this year and that the parity in the presenters, presenters and journalists tends more towards balance.

On the other hand, he regrets that the women are definitely represented among the expert guests, political and other speakers.

This first report will be used as a basis of work for a forthcoming meeting with the audio-visual operators with an aim of sharing the results and of learning the lessons for the future from them.

At the conclusion of the presentation of the report at the Committee of orientation for the women's rights*, a point press will take place with the whole of the members present as well as the advisor in load, Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, on Tuesday, March 8, at 10:45, at the CSA.


* Nicole Ameline, Carole Bienaimé-Besse, Isabelle Bordry, Alain Chenu, Jean-Paul Cluzel, Michèle Cotta, Jean-Pierre Cottet, Eva Darlan, Laurence Equilbey, Mercedes Erra, François Fatoux, Laura Flessel-Colovic, Janine Mossuz-Lavau, Jaques Sanchez, Marc Tessier.


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