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Remarks made in the emissions “Let us leave into live” and “the Night is with you” (France Inter): answer to the plaintiff

Publication date: Monday, February 29, 2016
Plenary assembly of January 27th, 2016

The CSA was seized about remarks made in two emissions of France Inter, Leave into live and the Night with you, is diffused on September 4th, 2015. 

As regards remarks made by the presenter of the emission Let us leave into live, the Council estimated that the remarks, bearing on one of the guests of the emission, were very moved. Nevertheless, in the species, it appeared excessive to him to regard these remarks as an attack with the respect of the image of the woman, the presenter having lengthily insisted on its artistic competences.

As regards matter of the presenter of the emission the Night is with you, they were held within the framework of an exchange with a journalist who qualified “ gourgandine ” a person raising, according to him, of the prostitution. The presenter affirmed to prefer the use of hard-working expression the “of the sex ” what appeared to him to refer to an activity allowing an economic subsistence, and not with qualities of the people carrying on this activity.

Thus, the CSA did not belong to failure of the presenters upon the engagements of Radio France concerning the respect of the women's rights, as envisaged in article 5 of the specifications of the missions and.

The Council answered in this direction the plaintiff, by it ensuring that the image of the women in the audiovisual programmes is one of its constant concerns.